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A big hello to all those who have asked me to start putting my thoughts down.

Let me start off with one of my favourite topics – Typography in design.

Just like the very first thing we notice in a person (knowing or unknowingly) are his or her shoes, a good designer or anyone for that matter, notice the typography in a design.

Good typography gives solidarity and character to any design. A design that has a message & has the appropriate type set or font, can entirely change the class, attitude and genre of design!

Basically the typo enhances the “feel” of the design and makes it stand out.

Good designers who start looking for different fonts will develop a taste, and soon, an addiction to using appropriate font faces for their designs, logos, taglines, copy or heck even dummy text!

I’m using the perfect font, I’ve adjusted the size and applied the appropriate colour, but my design still doesn’t look professional and classy“, is what I hear some designers say.

Well, let’s look a bit closer!

Another hugely important factor is the character spacing! Something even the most experienced designers forget to adjust.

A lot of the times, just a simple adjustment on the spacing can bring about just the right amount of spice required in your design! Of course, you do need to make sure it’s readable and looks right in your layout but it can also help you fit in that extra few words the content writer has given to you!!!

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