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Most young designers ask, “Why doesn’t my design look so good even after so many different tries?”

The first thing we learn as an artist/designer is to be patient. Especially when it comes to designs like Logos or things that are going to last a long time, designs take time.

That doesn’t mean hours and hours of looking at others’ work and wondering how it’s done!!!!

Take things to step by step.

Understand the basics first!

Why and what am I doing this design for?

What is the most important part of this communication?

What must I highlight and what must I have the viewer focus on.

As a graphics designer, YOU have the power to control what the viewer looks at first* and YOU have the *power to help that advertisement succeed.

Use that power to the fullest. Ask yourself whether you would like this design if you saw it done by someone else or would you criticise it?

Can you use this design in YOUR portfolio?

Is what you want to communicate first clear & obvious.

Here’s my favourite line in the design….

Good design is obvious,

Great design is transparent.

In this case transparent means, the viewer gets what the whole idea is in one glimpse! Or “sees right through your design” :).