(Who When Where What Why)

Clients are an established business family in Pune, running cinema auditoriums in various parts of Pune. They wanted a branding and promotional exercise for their in-cinema vegetarian restaurant at one of their auditoria. Plan was to promote vegetarianism.


We began with a logo for the brand, went on to incorporate the brand values into the in-restaurant promotions like posters and mats and menu design. The biggest challenge came out to the lack of good photos to represent the restaurant. For this, we served the client with directed photography. The photographer to do the job was of the client’s choice and he came to the shoot minus the lights. But since we are used to working around the obstacles and making best of what’s available, we went to the extent of getting the dishes made a certain way by standing in the kitchen with the chefs and holding the dishes up in the natural sunlight for the photos to come out stunningly beautiful! The layouts for the dishes were made to suit the lighting and surfaces available on site.

Okay then what happened: The restaurant is doing great and the visual appeal of the place pulls crowds. The ambience is set beautifully using the photographs we directed and the exclusively vegetarian vibe set perfectly with the help of the brand we created for them.