(Who When Where What Why)

Client is based in New Jersey, U.S.A, and associated since the inception of their brand. Business is a home-salon with USPs of high-end service provided at the home salon with more attention and client respect than a glitzy, downtown salon. Most recent association with Uniqut happened because they wanted a website upgrade.


Our process involves engaging with the client at an emotional level because business always has a root of emotion and the passion comes from a place of love. Understanding that core helps us design the right things which speak right about the business. Recently we redid their website, made an e-commerce website for which we did the entire web redevelopment.

We have kept the logo same but upgraded its design style, after a decent gap of 4 years.

Okay, then what happened: The clients are happy with the way their online appearance is currently. Now the website is upgraded, it is not only attracting clients for the salon but also helping them sell beauty products online.