(Who When Where What Why)

The clients are Indian American. Old clients and also family. They required a new brand (Logo, website, the works) created for a start-up online business for their son. It would sell pure – source, authentic Indian organics – food, cosmetic products, oils, herbs, and the like. Targeted to the Millenial American, it would also tend to a majorly international audience – desi with a global swag.


Began with the brand questionnaire, understanding the profile of audience for the brand, its scope, reach and essentially, why it wanted to exist. Combining all this with the preferences of the promoter, we helped create a classy, authentic and luxurious brand and communication which spelt Indian but talked to everyone. As American as a Burger, but with spicy Chutney within.

Okay then what happened: The brand was named and then developed with chic style which has enhanced the value of the business and given the promoters scalability and a glam quotient too. Due to the COVID 19 crises, the launch is on hold but the business would take off soon after.