(Who When Where What Why)

Clients are Aurangabad based; heir apparent for the popular kitchen utensil giants Nirlep. They wanted to diversify the same business ethic into something more passion driven. Already had a thriving business of auto parts and engineering. Set up the concept and idea for a premium cycling accessory business which developed into a bigger sporting merchandise business idea. Required a new brand and business communication for the same. The main promoter had investment backing from a few family members.


The Client had already had a taste of how things work, had been to our largest competitor – an old & established design agency … got his hands burnt. We gave him personal attention, heard what he had to say. It developed into a solid relationship beyond working terms. The connect often brings clients closer to us and communication is better that way, benefitting all of us.
Began at finding a suitable name for the brand – it had to sound young, catchy yet unique and sporty. The clients liked Oroboros (literally, Ouroboros – traditionally a serpent eating its own tail, a symbol for infinity and continuity and also stands for something that rotates around itself) as it defined them well. Designed the brand for him and supplied decal designs for his bikes.
After 4 years, Oroboros came back again for social media management. We supplied good, strategy – based creatives and populated their feed on various platforms.

Okay, then what happened: The brand was doing very well – the brick and mortar stores selling premium quality stuff. Eventually, the import policies began changing and business dwindled, they shut shop last year. We support clients in all business decisions, helping them along the way. Our cordial association remains, and we wish them well for their upcoming venture plans.

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