(Who When Where What Why)

Client is a dynamic woman entrepreneur from Pune, passionate about getting good quality nuts to the customers. Product line includes plain, roasted, and flavoured assorted nut varieties. The lacuna in the market identified – no branded, hygienically packed, flavourful, and fresh dry fruits. Wanted to build ‘something good’, not sure what exactly.


We gave the brand a look and feel that spelled out a lot of things for anyone who looked at it – including the promoter of the business. Trust vibes which she got at the first meeting translated into designs and the first look was enough to stun her into really jumping into the rabbit hole of an excited brand development exercise and gave her the confidence to spend more than she had initially decided to. We strategically built the brand logo and packaging design which became the foundation of her dream. The international look and feel of the brand amused her.

Okay, then what happened:The brand building gave the promoter confidence and she really decided to take it to another higher level instead of the original small-scale plan. We helped put her dream to paper – and the great looking brand got investments soon. Even the onlookers and other business associates who saw our designs got interested in the brand and enquired about investment opportunities. Overall, a pleasant success story!