(Who When Where What Why)

The client is a national – scale organization creating employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for the aspiring youth, helping children with vocational training. They had an outdoor transit promotion plan, where a bus was to be decorated with promotional material focused on what the organization does and sent from Pune until Ladakh (Wangchuk School, SECMOL). This was to be created in an eyeball grabbing, welcoming and informative tone so that the organization’s message gets through.


They wanted vehicle design; we gave them a good, effective vehicle design to attract the right crowd. We go about any design by first talking to the right people in the organization – in this case, it was the manager who approached us, but we insisted that the main decision makers give time to talk to us, and they did! Few hours of conversation, as compared to 30 minutes window we got earlier. Comfort, conversation and creativity – the C3 advantage.
Okay, then what happened: The bus did travel from Pune to Ladakh until the famous school. The design was impressive and attractive, so much so that the clients got international recall and walk-ins to their Abu Dhabi exhibition, remembering their outdoor transit promotion campaign.