(Who When Where What Why)

Client is an Aquaponics expert; was willing to set up a socially responsible business of growing food the eco-friendly way using the Piscean fauna to fertilize food crops. The core idea of the business was to help give farmers another way and save them from suicide. Based in Pune. Wanted investors using our help for brand communication.


The noble cause of the promoter encouraged us to do our best for him. Began with understanding the business in depth. Created a brand for him – the name, logo, personality etc. Helped with promotional video clips, created the website for him and also did our bit of CSR by giving him discounts and waivers for the good cause. Helped get the word across to investors about the process of the business and how it could be a good idea to put money in this venture.

Okay, then what happened? The unique nature of the business coupled with good brand promotion from Creator 3 got the client good response. The clear and communicative website grabbed the right eyeballs.