(Who When Where What Why)

Clients are young, enthusiastic entrepreneurs with ‘lets save the environment’ vibe. Did rainwater harvesting, and quickly grew into a popular name in the neighbourhood, 1 year into operations. Known as ‘Ira Water Wale’ as they did rainwater harvesting. From Pune, operating in Pune. Wanted to grow out of the tag and go large, hence wanted a brand to revamp.


We retouched everything about their brand, made it fresher, brighter, contemporary, and appealing. Created branding material according to their needs of growth and visibility – creatives for myriad uses, brochures, presentations, website, leaflets, and outdoor transit branding in the form of the vehicle design.

Okay, then what happened: Ira just took off with their retouched, refreshed brand and the recall increased manifold – most of the marketing impact came from speciality vehicular branding which was an eyeball grabber! The community began noticing them better, their brand value increased, and they are doing business successfully till date. We contributed to their noble cause by giving them a discount on our fee – our bit in the saving the environment attempt.