(Who When Where What Why)

Manufacturer of authentic and pure Indian edibles like A2 Gir Cow milk, Desi Ghee, Organic Coconut oil etc. Busy with other things, Inheritance was more of a lower priority project for the promoters, but it held promise; was in a nascent stage when promoters wanted brand building & website design done.


To understand one’s own potential, sometimes one needs some reminding from a third party. C3 began with a systematic analysis; the promoters had to understand the value of good branding as a facilitator for making a business visible & profitable. First, just the brand building exercise was done. Things escalated because they liked what they saw: soon progressed to an international standard website, packaging design, outdoor transit branding and a Photography contract.
Second priority business start-up became top priority, promotion-worthy business.

Okay, then what happened: Inheritance benefited vastly after we touched upon it. Going from an internet business to a physical store (a store within the first year); brand recall is one of the most quantifiable indicators of C3 designs and this helped them cash upon the buzz we helped them create. The universal appeal of the brand speaks to Indian AND international audience alike. So far, so good.