(Who When Where What Why)

Clients are a young couple of a tech + insurance background; set up this brand here in India, which was all about ‘growth’ as they gave client companies in the US (Insurance companies) scope to focus on expansion by taking care of backend processes & support.Our task was to name the brand something short and smart and develop a website for them.


Began with counselling them about the process of brand naming. Their original – “BackOfficeConsultancyForYou.com” was too long and impossible to remember. By understanding their brand’s offerings we suggested “Growth Assured/ Assured Growth”. When looking for domains and discovering an available extension “.Insure”, upgraded to “Growth.Insure”. Brand was designed on Golden Aspect ratio principles.
Okay, then what happened: Client’s simplistic thought process got translated into the brand name, logo and brand language.
We helped create the website, set it up and create emailers – also on simple, minimal themes.