(Who When Where What Why)

Entricky – the manufacturers of sophisticated security doors and door locking systems; expected international standard brand language and also a humble, basic brochure. They wanted a logo which encompassed a hidden symbolism within the typography.

Logo Explanation

Like personality of an actor is built using scenes and situations and he/she is made a part of the bigger narrative, we helped Entrickey to create their brand personality because they wanted to get better investment soon.
Beginning at giving them a minimal and sensible logo – clean lines, and detailing of a key and a home within the central C, International look and feel, deep meaning assigned to each colour and each curve – the works; we did extensive research for the design as part of our creative process. Fear tactics were used as the communication design style, as of course, that is what works in the brands which sell security-based products.

Ok, then what happened: Process yields results.
After we created the entire brand and designed the brochure for Entrickey, it got a higher valuation and is flourishing with the new investors who have taken over. Foundation created. Brand is moving up and about on the PLC graph as of now. Creator3 Design is happy.