(Who When Where What Why)

Clients are Pune based builders by the name of DNV Builders. Wanted to promote a new scheme. Wanted a promotional composite, along with some help finalising the name. Wanted to ultimately sell more by branding and promoting it well.


They wanted to centre the theme of the project on emotions like happiness and credibility. We helped them find the name Elvira for their project. Elvira is a Spanish word that means White, Pure, Truthful or Pure.
We offered them the standard builder package which included Hoardings, brochure, logo, emailers, and a few designs for other promotions thrown in. We assisted the clients for exhibition design (housing fair stall decorations) for Elvira and one other scheme they were selling, of which we did promotional design as well.

Okay, then what happened: What happened was quite expected – the emotional appeal that highlighted the scheme spoke to the audience well. They sold out fast.