(Who When Where What Why)

Client is an industrial manufacturer in the precision fabrication realm, based in Pune, wanted to hire a good design agency who could deliver on time. Wanted a one-point design solutions person for working on the brand communication of their company.


They signed us up and we started work on brand polish, internal communication, their brochure, before the project developed into something bigger which made our task interesting and challenging at the same time. A complete solution providing contract emerged which involved the corporate movie, coffee table book and vehicle design along with the in- house branding.
Eventually, everything was executed with the same process – perfection, the client was like “the video is not good now, it is wow”… needless to say, they were more than satisfied.

Okay, then what happened: The client and also his family were happy (the movie was more informative than corporate, made for not merely a business purpose but for information). Promoters wanted to stay in touch for further design-related projects and help them with design solutions.