(Who When Where What Why)

The clients were Pune based construction company, builders and developers who operated under the brand name DNV Builders. Required a consolidated branding and promotions approach for a new project, a requisite being that the name and appeal must be exotic European or Spanish as it was trending then.


Helped them get a name that resounded with their choices, Arcelia, which is ‘Treasure’ in Spanish. The project was given a logo which was designed as a maze, the centre of which was the said treasure. The theme for promotions was picked up to be “What would you treasure?”. The hoardings with just hands expressing what they treasure were created and plastered all over town. Creative promotions in the form of logo, stationery, on- site brochure & brochure and hoardings, paper ads and on-site creatives were made for them as a standard package offered to clients in this particular segment.

Okay then what happened: The creative concept of hoardings made this scheme a popular one in the market and proved as a campaign with high recall. The sales soared and the builders were able to sell the property quickly and successfully.