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Pharmacy product manufacturers – wholesalers. Wanted a new brand for their business. Expecting a trademarked/registered brand name and logo to mark the company’s journey in the organized sector, after already having worked in this realm since a generation. Believers of Numerology. Wanted a name and brand which is Numerology compliant, no compromise on the marketability of the brand.

Logo Explanation
An Accurate and reliable
medicine provider

When you want to RENOVATE, you do not disregard the existing; similarly, new business style means not just a new brand but also incorporating existing values into the new face. Creator 3 gave them options for brand names. We use Golden Aspect Ratio to create each design. For Accurel, we absorbed elements from numerology along with GAR to create a brand. They understood and appreciated it too.

Okay, then what happened: Accurel is successfully running using our clean, numerological brand design. Everyone appreciates good design, which is based on extensive research of the metascience and their rightful application. Our expansive knowledge of design psychology translated into a good relationship. An overall successful brand. A happy client who jokingly calls our Creative Director ‘Guru’.