Raptech Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Case Study


The clients are the power-packed, experienced duo, the two siblings who handle technical aspects and business aspects in their home grown brand – Raptech, an engineering firm with a highly scalable tech manufacturing set up in a non-industrial suburb of Pune.

The factory had 1 shop floor and 1 paint area. The location and the humble beginnings overshadowed the praiseworthy quality tech products they were producing.


The main reason for our engagement was using branding and proper communication to raise the brand value quotient of the company. They wanted a better image so that they could succeed at their international tie-ups and collaborations as well. They were already trying but falling short of grabbing the opportunities.


We began working on the brand exhaustively, with various tools in our gamut like Branding, Logo upgradation, Tagline and brought in the corporate movie as the showstopper and the ultimate tool to enhance the image of the brand. The tools began doing their job. The overall brand value began showing the audience what the company is made of, the biggie- the corporate movie pushing the deals around better. As a result, Raptech began faring better in the international sphere. They got partners and began attracting better collaborating companies willing to join hands with them.


Success does not come empty handed. The company began growing and the factory became 3 times of the original within record time. The clients were happy with the corporate film and even allowed shoot extensions while the film was being shot. When the client trusts, the agency becomes even more compelled to deliver. They were floored by Creator 3’s committed delivery, quality of the film and the way we handled the processes.

They are in touch still. What goes around, comes around. We sent out good work and we are still getting good vibes and warm camaraderie from many clients including Raptech. They do not hesitate to ask us for upgrades in their brand and the corporate movie. We are proud to have been a catalyst in their success reactions.