Case Study


Clients are legacy traditional Indian women wear sellers, operating for more than 7 decades and hugely popular as Khandaani retailers of wedding wear in Pune and Maharashtra. They had been doing extremely well as a typical, family-owned business would but lacked the appeal and presence which a modern brand (or a forward looking brand) would require. Had no social media presence at all. Had never done a proper and structured brand building exercise before. The legacy was playing the role of a branding agent for Pallod. The parent shop is located in Mahabaleshwar and Pune store is located in Deccan area.


The promoters wanted to celebrate 70 years of the brand Pallod as well as inaugurate their newly renovated and extended store with a bang. They also wished to begin promoting and branding themselves on social media and needed handholding from someone who was creative as well as knew how to make a brand up and make it look good on social media. Basically, a multitasker who would be able to generate good ideas, present them well and also work the medium in a smart manner.

Since their product was of a visual appeal -after all the look of that sari or that evening gown would matter the most – they, lacking in good photography of their fine product, failed to make a statement.


The minute Creator 3 stepped in for social media creativity, our Creative Director established that without the photography of the beautiful product, this shop won’t sell. An elaborate directed photography tour was organized with international models at a grand and palatial locale was organized to provide the basis of content for the entire years’ worth of posts and feed.

The theme of this photoshoot and other eventual campaigns was based on legacy. One of the creative campaigns done for Pallod’s social media page was based on the philosophy of the 6 arms of Indian Painting. Overall, the process included visiting Pallod store once a month to understand requirements and special days celebration etc. There were photoshoots for the month too, which were planned days in advance.

Eventually, the store renovations got done with and the promoters wanted to brand it as a brand-new big store and we helped them for that. Grand launch with a big bang was planned. The promoters roped in Vidya Balan, popular actor as a brand ambassador and we were entrusted for the videos and interviews with her, getting photos of store launch and endorsing the product etc. with her. The days leading up the D-day were marked as a countdown on social media. We created designs for advertising on hoardings and newspaper ads. The store rebranding, in-store promotional decorations and even showing Vidya around on the launch party were tasks entrusted to the Creative Director, Creator 3 design.

All in all, after the successful milestones achieved, the entire year of social media management for Pallod came to an end on a happy note.


The quality of our designs on social media set the tone of a strong brand presence on social media for Pallod. They got busy with the slew of higher sales, better brand value and upmarket repositioning – all which were enabled via our sustained efforts for international appeal of brand language.

Our Creative Director jokes that they got so busy with their new store’s grand success, they had no time to renew our design contract either!