Ganesh Bhel & Chaat Products Pvt. Ltd.

Case Study


The fast food people, popular in Pune for their bhel and panipuri was run by 2 brothers. Were interested in getting their brand to another level but bashful to enter the arena of branding and also confused to avail the services of an organized creative design agency. They had 7 branches in Pune, successfully catering to the ‘chatora’ masses of Pune. The same relish and the same great taste were to be taken to other countries too – but they didn’t know how to look and feel really ‘international’ in terms of such an Indian food item. Also, a brand can look like something and talk like something if the brand has that kind of a scope to go beyond boundaries, no matter what the product is. But Ganesh Bhel had no idea how to do this on their own and hence needed a brand communication expert.


We entered the scene when they were looking for someone to help them establish themselves in the international market. Our association began when we were roped in for reinventing the brand packaging design. We decided to give them an eye-popping messaging through their boxes and pouches which held pooris for the panipuri and the various chutneys.

The story of this brand updo revolves around how they were a local brand which when touched upon by us became an internationally successful brand and began selling in a new market which worked on different sensibilities than the native market of the brand. The transcendental approach that Creator 3 can bring to a brand is something which makes us unique and profitable for the brands engaging with us.


The first exercise to have us involved was for a redo on the brand packaging of the food boxes so that they may look appealing to the international audience. The packaging design contract went on and apart from the said designs, began covering other packaging designs, even menus for the restaurants, stall and canopies design, branding design within the shops amongst others.

Logo design: We retouched the old logo to something more appealing and brighter as without a logo update, the fancy touches added to the packaging design failed to create an impact. The retouched logo featured better colours and better visual appeal, without tampering too much with the original logo (for the established brand recall it leveraged).

Directed Photography: this holds an important place in all our food clients’ branding exercise as the designs cannot look good without good photographs to work on. We gave Ganesh Bhel excellent directed photography so that their good food can look even better on the packaging and eventually on other media.

We were an integral part of the way Ganesh Bhel ran about their operations as well. We helped them in crucial business mergers and tie-ups with other brands by assisting in photography and design consultation.

Eventually the brand moved to other fast food than bhel and panipuri also, and we helped them brand this new addition as well.


All this activity all over was bearing fruit. The brand began proliferating locally as well globally. The moment the new packaging hit the shelves the international sales recorded a tripling! They managed to triple their international sales simply using our design enhancements for their brand.