Brinton Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

Case Study


Since very soon after inception, Brinton Pharmaceuticals, a dermatological pharmacy product manufacturer happened to be doing 1 crore worth of business. It was the largest business out of the many businesses of the promoters and hence also the one which had the most attention of the promoters. Before Creator 3 stepped in for Brinton, they had a feeble brand, which would not be sufficient to get then a foreign investment they had been eyeing – nothing short of a $100 million.


Brinton got on board with us with an intent of using our design acumen for that particular deal. The task was to create a chic presentation and video which could place Brinton out there, make it look international standard and basically sweep the investors off their feet. The deal value was $100 million, and the negotiations were stuck at $50 million because the brand seemed too local and small for a huge value of expected investment. This was the beginning of a cordial association of Brinton and Creator 3.


Creator 3 Design believes that Good design is good business. Our design philosophy and work style translate straight to good design so that the clients can reap the benefits of the money and time spent on the design exercise. We solve problems with design. Brinton wanted to look like they deserved those $100 million, we made sure they did. We bettered their logo, redid brand communication and then started on their presentation. It came out looking neat and crisp – a 22-pager with a corresponding, truly global video.

Needless to say, Brinton got the investment!

They have not stopped since then, and neither have we.

The alliance with Brinton has given rise to so many creative presentations, videos and internal, external branding solutions and most importantly, launch and position medicines in a creative format of videos, sometimes even solving technical problems with names and appeals of those medicines. Sometimes, these videos helped Brinton communicate to the doctors in a better way and ultimately sell better.

Itrabond: The medicine was launched and the next year, the follow up video was done too.

Luly: The challenge with this medicine was the name which was prone to mis-pronounced and mocked at in certain regions of the country and required to be repositioned. Creator 3 promoted it like ‘July’ and also released in the same month to drive home the point. (Luly is a skin irritation controller which works on monsoon related itches. July is the month of monsoon in India.)

Pedia: This was a paediatric medicine parallel which Brinton wanted to start. They wanted a video for it to start with and we recreated the Brinton feel and look into the Brinton Pedia video successfully, maintaining essence of the parent brand.

Internal promotion videos: We created a lot of videos and fun clips for internal branding, milestone achievement celebrations and to congratulate the team for good performance. They have been hugely appreciated across the company’s offices.


An association to remember! We have been with Brinton pharmaceuticals since they were in a nascent stage and have grown together. The last video which we did was a huge moment for both of us – beyond client – agency relationship. An emotional moment of Brinton touching 100 Crore turn over… a moment to cherish…

When we see clients take off and fly high this way, there is a sense of pride for the contribution we had the chance to make in their lives.